Relationships are not always going to be love and roses. Couples go through a series of emotional journeys that test the strength of their love. However, it needs both parties to work. But what happens when one person is unwilling, and their actions constantly keep hurting the other person and the relationship, ultimately? For instance, if someone exhibits certain behaviors of infidelity – micro-cheating. Well, before it gets to a point where the relationship cannot be saved, it is important to know where you stand. In this article, you will find micro cheating meaning, examples, signs, and ways to deal with it. 

What Is Micro Cheating?

micro cheating

Micro cheating (by definition) is exhibiting certain behaviors associated with cheating yet not doing the things considered full-blown cheating. These behaviors seem like qualities of infidelity but without the strong physical aspect. They include dishonesty, secret conversations, or intimate outer connections – it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical intimacy. The behaviors have the potential to hurt your partner if they find out.

What is micro cheating in a relationship?

Micro cheating in a relationship is the gray area between cheating and loyalty. Someone might feel like since there hasn’t been sexual or physical intimacy with another person, they still have a sense of loyalty. However, that isn’t true. Those sneaky texts and private conversations with someone else break trust and could crush a good relationship. 

Micro Cheating Examples

Some couples don’t realize they are on the path of infidelity until they finally find themselves in one. That path is often the stage of micro-cheating; if not stopped, it could affect a relationship. And to help, it is consequential to know micro cheating examples.

  • Getting flirty with a friend or a stranger online.
  • Being dishonest about your relationship status to another person or on the internet. 
  • Registering and actively using a dating platform while in a marriage or a relationship.
  • Trying so hard to impress a crush by changing styles or dressing. 
  • Spam-liking someone’s social media pictures to get noticed.
  • Cyberstalking someone you are not in a relationship with. 
  • Engaging in sexual conversations – one regarding sex life with someone other than your partner.
  • Meeting up for a happy hour without your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s approval.
  • Making provocative comments directly to someone or on their socials.
  • Texting people in private.  
  • Removing a wedding band once your partner isn’t around or while hanging out with the opposite sex.
  • Sending nudes or flirty emojis to someone. 
  • Always looking forward to talking to someone new for a romantic start. 
  • Giving out a phone number to people you shouldn’t.  

The micro cheating list continues – whatever involves crossing certain boundaries and not being totally honest with your husband or wife is called one. 

Signs of Micro Cheating

Micro cheating on social media or anywhere isn’t always hard to notice. The behaviors are significant signs. Below are 6 major patterns to notice. 

1. Micro-cheating as Dishonesty 

Dishonesty is one of the signs of micro cheating. There is much going on when you are talking or getting occupied with someone other than your partner. You try to play safe so that you don’t get caught. In the process, you will find yourself lying or making excuses for your actions. For instance, if you are up late at night having flirty conversations with another man or woman, and your partner notices, you are likely to make up an excuse that it is work. If your actions persist, the dishonesty will quickly go from mild to worse. 

2. Micro-cheating as Secrecy

Dishonesty and Secrecy go hand in hand. You cannot be dishonest about something without trying to keep something a secret. In fact, it is the heart of infidelity itself. You want to ensure that your partner doesn’t find out certain things about you, so you keep a secret profile. You go from deleting text messages or emails immediately to keeping your phone anytime you are around them. It almost feels like you start prioritizing privacy around them. And if there is anything that ruins the trust in a relationship faster, it is secrecy. There is no coming back from such. 

3. Micro-cheating as Defensiveness 

Defensiveness is another attribute of infidelity. It is a clear sign that someone is cheating or micro cheating. While you or your partner is trying to keep a low profile and shying away from some truths, defensive walls are built up. The slightest confrontation about anything becomes an issue. The fear of being caught doing something sneaky with another person makes them defensive – it’s like there is a default response to actions. Some even become oblivious to what they are doing. In other cases, the cheater flips the script on the other person – gaslighting and emotionally blackmailing them for their own misconduct. 

4. Micro-cheating as Inattentiveness 

It is really a struggle juggling emotions between two or more people. Relationships are built, so one party is available for the other and vice-versa. However, in a situation where there is someone else in the picture (as in the case of micro-cheating), it may be difficult to maintain that foundation. The cheating boyfriend gets preoccupied or distracted because his mind is with another instead of his girlfriend. At first, it may seem that the person is overwhelmed, but the constant inattentiveness and excuses for preoccupation will put a toll on the marriage or relationship. 

A common attribute of inattentiveness is constant attention to mobile devices more than their partner. 

5. Micro-cheating as Indecisiveness

Indecisiveness is definitely one of the things to look forward to when someone micro-cheats. The cheater gets caught up in an entanglement of people with romantic affiliations. While you are trying to meet your partner’s needs, you are trying to do the same for the other person. In the process, you will find yourself being indecisive about certain things. For instance, if you see something nice, you may struggle to determine who to buy such an item for – your partner or the romantic fling. It gets worse when deciding on important things in the relationship, like finances. 

6. Micro-cheating as Boundaries Crossing 

One more thing that strongly identifies infidelity and micro cheating in marriage is boundary crossing. Generally, when someone finds romantic affiliations with another person other than their partner – regardless of how little it may be, it is considered crossing a boundary. First, you do something that will jeopardize the beauty and quality of the relationship or marriage. Secondly, you find yourself seeing no faults in the things you do. Finally, you may eventually give in to doing something regrettable (including outright physical cheating on your wife or husband).

How to Stop Micro Cheating?


Micro cheating in a relationship is bad, and many people may not realize that they are in the wrong even with the signs. However, for someone who realizes their actions are inappropriate, there are ways to stop and become a better person. 

Here are five good ways to curb micro cheating:

1. Avoid Crossing Boundaries 

One of the ways to stop micro cheating is to avoid crossing boundaries. You should set healthy ones with every person you communicate with. It shouldn’t be every discussion that you patronize. If you get the faintest idea that someone is romantically into you, make it clear to such a person that your priorities are right. 

If you’ve cheated based on your marriage or relationship situation, you may take some time off – based on mutual agreements- to get in a good head space. You need the time to find out where your head and heart really are. 

2. Be Aware of Your Conversations 

Another way to deal with micro-cheating is to be aware of your conversations. You may have instigated some conversations unaware, which may have led to the other person being infatuated with you. In the process, you may have crossed some waters that you shouldn’t have. However, to do better, you need to plan conversations and ensure to refrain from making certain remarks – flirty ones. The other person сould be uncomfortable with your new approach; however it’s better than ruining a relationship or marriage you’ve struggled to build. 

3. Always Discuss With Your Partner

Nothing should stop you from discussing with your partner if you are in a relationship. The point of the duo being together is to be vulnerable with each other. So, if you’ve started noticing strange behaviors that seem like infidelity, you should speak to your partner about it. Sometimes, their chances of handling it well may be slim, but it is important. Seeking their opinions on certain conversations and being accountable will help a lot. 

4. Avoid Overreacting 

When you and your partner discuss the situation, you should avoid overreacting. It is important on your journey to make things right with them. Micro cheating will have you denying or blaming your wife or husband for your actions. And what better way to get over it than listening and taking steps for a change rather than overreacting? 

5. Keep an Honest Relationship

While you discuss the situation with your better half, you must also consider keeping an honest relationship. You should welcome a space where you can discuss your feelings unashamedly. If there is something that the other person is not doing right, you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it with them. 

How Can Radaris Help?

It will surprise you with the vast amount of information that can be found online. One of many is someone’s relationship life – the status and the circumstances surrounding it. is a tool that will lead the way in finding out about a cheating partner and their digital footprints. 

Radaris is a website designed to help people find information about others based on their internet activity. It will help discover micro cheating online simply by checking a person’s internet record or history. You can find out if someone is in a relationship or has constantly communicated with a particular person. And when you do find out with this tool’s help, you can lead with confrontation or the next appropriate step. 


There is one fine line between micro-cheating and physical cheating. It all starts with the former before it gets to the latter. Even though the signs are clear, many become oblivious to them until they break that trust and fidelity in their relationship. This article has helped identify these signs and provided the best ways to stop micro-cheating in a relationship. By taking cognizance of them, your relationship will become as rock-solid as ever. 


Do You Need Time off from a Micro-Cheating Partner? 

If you have a cheating partner, the first step is confronting them about it and having them own up to their actions. If the person doesn’t seem like one to own up to it, you may request some time off from your relationship. This space is important to help either of you re-evaluate your relationship or marriage to determine if it is worth keeping.